Thank you for interest in my work. I am a Berlin street photographer who photographs analogous 3 years to 1976. In 2009 I started using digital photography, but i found the shots boring. Then accidentally I meet street photography which has been inspiring me for two years now.

What needs Streetphotography?

a) to have people as the bearing element

b) be un-staged and non-posed

c) be shot in a public area

d) have pre- and post editing only to a minimum. And of course, on goods days, include that twist that sets it apart from blunt documentation

Looking for images with an itch.
Since I had to learn a lot in a short time , of course I made ​​mistakes and I am the GAS ( Gear Acquisition Syndrome ) succumbed . Today I found the perfect equipment and can respond well to all street situations.Iam a Nifty Fifties !

And I prefer the avaible light situation and do not work with flash.
By studying street photographers made me a better photographer. This knowledge will probably accompany and inspire me for a lifetime.
Lately, my interest was aroused in portrait photography and at the sen photography .

Deawoong Kim  perfected my impression.

About my homepage I will keep you informed in the future. Please visit me from time to time and consider watch out my work and information.
Thanks for your interest , I would appreciate any feedback.

Berlin 13.03.2014


Street Photography is a Journey, Not a Destination !