I hereby suggest you some friends who have influenced mea lot  in the Streetphotography. Please have a look at their work. I would be glad if you give me a feedback.
Henri Cartier-Bresson
‘There Are No Maybes’ The interview
Deaewoong Kim 
His works of Sen Photography are amazing. He manages emotions in his photos hold.
Erik Kim
Erik is as he says himself “obsessed with Streetphotography”. In particular, his philosophical thoughts and interviews with prominent photographers take us to another level of Streetphotography.
Anders Petersen
Anders Petersen has shown with his work that it does not matter what camera you use. He is able to confer with a simple compact camera, his paintings expression and effect that attracts every viewer into its spell.
Thorsten Overgaard
Thorsten is a self-confessed Leica – Photographer. His elaborations in particular on the Leica M9 and the Leica M impress 240. His chapters support the newcomers to understand better his camera.
Thorsten is a good teacher and teaches in his workshops in an understandable way the technical handling of the camera, and especially the image design.
Dirk Schumacher
Dirk Schumacher, a technical officer with the MOD for British Forces in Germany, created his “The Future of Remembrance” portfolio with the Leica X1.